Motivation Monday: Creating A Monthly Routine

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Happy November everyone! I thought I’d get this month started off right by continuing our discussion on routine. We’ve talked about daily routines and weekly routines so it’s only logical to start this new month discussing monthly routines. Where daily routines are vital to avoiding decision fatigue and weekly routines keep your weekly productivity maximized, monthly routines hold all the loose ends together. … Read More

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The Benefits of Labeling & My Favorite Labeling Tools

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You know that feeling right after you clean out a drawer or a closet and it looks clean and happy? It just seems that the world’s stress is being relieved simply by reorganizing your pens or cleaning out your pantry. Eventually though the inevitable happens. Stuff gets shoved in all willy nilly. Nothing goes back where you had it. You … Read More

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Organizing the Laundry

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organizing the laundry

Laundry. No one likes doing laundry.  It’s a pain. It takes forever. It’s never finished. Folding laundry might be the most universally hated household chore in existence. Fortunately, doing laundry doesn’t have to be the monster we make it out to be. By organizing the laundry and doing it with purpose we can keep keep the laundry monster out of the … Read More

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