Bread Box Charging Station [updated]

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UPDATE: We’ve been using our bread box charging station for four years. When I originally published this post in August 2015 it was in it’s first version, since then the charging station has been moved and morphed multiple times so I updated the post to reflect its current status.

We all have them. Phone chargers, tablet chargers, laptop chargers. Every outlet with a nearby flat surface is spoken for. What an eyesore they are! Sadly, we can’t live our modern lives without them.

Like most people our kitchen is the hub of our lives and it’s the logical place for us to charge our electronics. When we renovated our home we made the living and kitchen area open concept, which means you can see everything, from pretty much everywhere. This makes wrangling the cables a priority.

I hate looking at all those cables. They stress me out. But you can’t actually get rid of them so what do you do?

You hide them in a bread box, turned charging station.

I got this idea from The Kim Six Fix though I’m decidedly more lazy so instead of finding an awesome vintage bread box at a yard sale or flea market and refinishing it, I just bought one that would fit the largest of our electronics.

I got my husband to drill a hole in the back (I could have done this myself, but again…lazy) then I used a little wood stain to clean up the hole.

I found this awesome 5 Port USB Charger on Amazon. It’s super thin, and has a low profile plug the width of a pencil. It is perfect for my charging station. All it needed were a few Command Picture Hanging Strips to secure it to the back of the bread box.

To keep the electronics from being stacked on top of each other, I dug out an old letter sorter that we had in a closet, I turned on it’s side and screwed it into the back of the breadbox.

I also added a cable organizer so we could store the cables out of the way when they’re not in use.

Not only does this give our electronics a nice, tidy place to rest while they’re charging it also gives us a place to store them when they’re not in use…not that they ever get put away.

If you’re interested in constructing your own bread box charging station there’s a few things to consider.

Measure your electronics to ensure they will fix in the box. We have two 7″ Kindle Fire tablets, a LeapPad 3, and a 10″ Samsung Tablet, and an old cell phone we let the kids play with. Our cell phones usually get charged on our night stands but occasionally make an appearance in the charging station if things get desperate.

Be sure to choose a bread box you can drill a hole through and be sure to make your hole is large enough to accommodate all your cables and the larger USB ends.

Know how many outlets you need and plan your power needs accordingly. Thankfully, now most devices using some form of universal charging cable, we no longer need to have a specialty adapter for every device.

Once I found my breadbox I was able to fully complete this project in only 20 minutes. It was quick, easy, relatively inexpensive and has greatly reduced the visual clutter on our counter.

If you try this project let me know how it turns out! I’d love to see the results!


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